The Legal Office “Lawyer Enrico Cerea & Partners” is absolutely atypical in its kind, because this Office inspire himself at the humbleness, at the quiet job, in the awareness of the difficulties and of the peculiar limits of the legal profession as working part into the system – justice.

Every member of the Legal Office Enrico Cerea & Partners have a popular origin, coming from very humble families of the Milan’s Province. These families love their own jobs in a religious way, with a real spirit of sacrifice. These families are part of the Italian Provinces and the Italian Province is the fundamental essence of the same life of Italian Nation as a civil and progressing Nation. A hard – working Province sacrificing itself in absolute silence and refusing the highlights of the mass media about its own great results.

It isn’t by accident if this Office work abroad, on total duty of national firms: the legal performances are complete according to the requests of these firms, inside heartfelt positions of trust.

The same, professional attention you could find on to the people: this Office head on Cassano d’Adda, but it’s collaborating with the Legal Office Piergiuseppe Rosselli in Milan, Carlo Goldoni Street n. 60, as well as the Legal Office Stefano Fiorentini & Partners in Rome, Nizza Street n. 45: this large partnership is mentioned in publications as “The European Legal 500”, in the Web site, dedicated to the “Law Firms in Europe”, more exactly in “U.S.A. Special Edition”.

The Legal Office is advisor for no profit organisations of all kinds: every member of the Office help these organisations also in their private leisure.

Enrico Cerea was born on April 3rd 1963 in Pozzuolo Martesana (Milan), he is an Italian Lawyer since 15th November 1991. Married, he has two sons, the first 9 years aged and the second 4 year aged. Enrico Cerea adopted these sons on 1999 and on 2004 in Ukraine and he keeps in touch with the organisations which operate with him for his children to give to further families the chance to bring their affection for others children, otherwise without future.

Rosanna Chignoli was born on August 19th 1966 in Vaprio d’Adda (Milan), where she lives with her family. After classical studies, she graduated in 1994 in law at he Catholic University Sacro Cuore of Milan. She’s an Italian lawyer since 4th February 1999. She mainly deals with civil disputes, civil enforcements and family law.

Chiara Gavazzi was born on June 20th 1975 in Cassano d’Adda (Milan): she lives in this town with her husband. After scientific studies, she graduated in 2001 in law at the Catholic University “Sacro Cuore” of Milan. She speaks very well English language: so she mainly deals with community law and in particular the relationship with foreign subjects.

Cristina Locatelli was born on March 4th 1978 in Melzo (Milan), where she lives with her family. After classical studies, she graduated in 2005 in law at the Statale University of Milan. She mainly deals with contractual liability.


This presentation’s page has been written by a group of customers of the Legal Office Enrico Cerea & Partners.